I’m such a lonely boy….

….alone on the world…šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š


The Coven by Graham Masterton

The Coven (Beatrice Scarlet) - Graham Masterton

1758,London.Beatrice Scarlet,a widow, works in a refuge for “fallen”women. But then some of these young girls (who,after a rehabilitation period,are sent out to factories )disappear.

Although the title implies witches and witchcraft (so does the cover by the way),this is more of a mystery story with some dark/horror undercurrents. But after a rather slow start it is definitely a thrilling read and mostly well written.This also happens to be the second book in this new series.

Only comment,perhaps certain scenes (rape scenes mainly)might have been a little less graphic.


Lady Macbeth by Nicolas Freeling

Lady Macbeth - Nicholas Freeling

The storyline is not a bad idea(a woman goes missing after a quarrel with her husband and her neighbours ask Henry Castang to look into her disappearance )but the fact that every chapter is told by a different character makes it difficult to keep one focused. The whole story tended to wander. And I can’t say that Henry Castang, the police inspector, actually charmed me or kept my interest.


Simply Pho by Helen Le

Simply Pho: A Complete Course in Preparing Authentic Vietnamese Meals at Home - Helen Le

Ā There are some magical dishes on this planet and pho is definitely one of them.A very tasteful and savoury broth served with fragrant “toppings”such as rice noodles,bean sprouts,fresh herbs, lime juice,sliced chillies,spring onions…and so much more.You just know it is going to taste fabulous.

So this a cookbook about pho,but not just pho.There are also recipes for several different spring rolls,crispy roasted porc,noodle dishes,vegetarian(and vegan)alternatives,condiments and not to forget, the famous Vietnamese sandwich,bƔnh mƬ.

The recipes are not unduly complicated and therefore well within everybody’s reach.Of course you’ll need many different ingredients but then Asian cuisine,in general,tends to use just more than pepper and salt.

As for the photographs, they are really mouth watering and just cry out:try me!

Very well, pho is on the menu next week !


A Grave Misunderstanding by Len Boswell

A Grave Misunderstanding: A Simon Grave Mystery - Len Boswell

Well,this is in the first place a locked room mystery and to be frank, it is not a bad one but…there are some inconsistencies,the story feels as if it is written in the fifties(manor house, crust free sandwiches, butler, gardener, maids…)but apart from the family the manor is also inhabited by a dozen or so robots (androids).And the there is the author’s ideas about women,they are either drop dead gorgeous (and very sexy)or the ravages of time are clearly visible (and mentioned ).Great!

Furthermore, as this is supposed to be a comedy (I suppose, not really quite sure what it is) the brilliant, witty humour completely bypassed me (and I mean completely !)

2 stars for the murder mystery….




One lovely blog award….

Once again I would like to thank Crystal (daisymae2017.wordpress.com)for her kindness.She actually nominated me for this award,and as usual,I don’t have the faintest idea what it is about…Apparently you need to share 7 facts about yourself…well,here it goes..

1. My best buddy is a black flatcoated retriever

2. I like to go for long walks

3. I love autumn and winter

4. I have a cat(who as a kitten was left to wander and just wandered in…)

5. I love to read(a lot…)

6. I love to cook

7. And I don’t like to swim in the sea at night(don’t like is a understatement )

Now for the nominees, yet again,as I am relatively new to this blog thing….perhaps later…




GraĆ«lfire by Stephen Chamberlain

Graƫlfire - Stephen Chamberlain

This is basically a different version of the Holy Grail story. Here the grail(GraĆ«l)is a stone from a different universe.The book consist of two storylines and it constantly switches between those two. One happens in present day Switzerland were Lena and a mysterious stranger, Raphael, are looking for a lost GraĆ«lstone once believed to be in the possession of the Cathars. Of course they are not the only ones looking for this stone…The other storyline is situated in the Languedoc and northern Italy in 1245. Here the Cathars are fleeing from the horrible Inquisition . We follow the story of Gideon ,another mysterious stranger, who is looking for the GraĆ«lstone believed to be kept in hiding, by the Cathars, since the fall of MontsĆ©gur, their stronghold.

Well, it starts very promising,very exciting, a strange mix between fantasy, adventure and mystery but unfortunately it doesn’t keep its promise. It just drags on and on, a bit of a never-ending story and I had a hard time actually finishing it. It really is too bad because a new take on the Grail myth is always interesting….


The Sin Collector by Daria Desombre

The Sin Collector (Masha Karavai Detective Series) - Shelley Fairweather-Vega, Daria Desombre

A brilliant law student (still very much perturbed by her father’s mysterious murder and slightly obsessed with serial killers )manages to find herself an internship at Moscow’s police headquarters .As bodies (both of unsolved murders in the past as in the present )turn up in different parts of Moscow, Masha discovers a strange pattern relating to medieval texts,maps, New Rome and Heavenly Jerusalem. The storyline is good, the characters are believable and it is a new twist on “the serial killer “.There is however one comment I would like to make, as Moscow plays such a prominent role in this story,a map of the city would have been helpful,handy…As it is,all the characters revolve around maps with different gates, walls and parks…but the reader(not a resident of Moscow)feels a bit lost.